Evanil "Furyedge" Valain

Greatsword, great smile, terrible attention span

  • Race: Human
  • Class: Fighter/Rogue
  • Sex: Male
  • Height: 6’4
  • Build: Muscular
  • Age: Late 20’s
  • Traits: Short, copper-colored hair. Cornflower-blue eyes. Fair skin. Angled features.
  • Personality: Charming, but cocky. Has a short attention span. Talented singer.

Evanil was wounded in the Greatwood, having fled with his cousin from the gan of thieves he had just been ousted as leader of—the Unseen Hand. Ashoon saved his life, and in gratitude he and his cousin accompanied the party on a few adventures,

Evanil had been a soldier in the war, his skills with a blade earning him the name “furyedge.” A soldier told the party that one day he deserted, and was never seen again.

Both of his swords seem mystical somehow. He gave one of them to Lash.

It seems that he and his cousin are thieves at heart, and are seeking vengeance.

Evanil "Furyedge" Valain

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