Caseal resurrected, Fey Queens, and a Falling Star

Session notes

In hot pursuit of Caseal, the party emerged back outside in a small wooded clearing, where it was oddly snowing. The weather are colder as they questioned him. Before Rolan knocked him out, he revealed that Neroc, the Blood God, has brought him back from death, and he now has to obey! He also revealed Maren’s mother may still be alive, and warned the party to run. They were ambushed by the Snow Queen, one of the noble fey with divine ancestry. The party fought against this strong foe, Rolan falling and being brought back by Andra, until another fey stepped in and scared off the Snow Queen and her two giants. Unfortunately, the Snow Queen took Caseal with her!

The Queen of Witches, Nicnevin, was massive and powerful. She escorted the party back to Nys, the city named after the trickster God Nyssa, who is Nicnevin’s mother. The Queen of Witches gave a lot of information to the party about this feud between the gods. It seems as if Novv is no longer in the celestial plane, having seeing thrown out by a magical decree the Mother made for her children not to overly interfere in the lives of mortals. The party doesn’t know what he did to make this happen, but Neroc is gaining power and it seems a prophesied apocalypse has begun.

In said prophecy, it is said that a group of mortals will save the realm of the gods and all of Althon from destruction. The Queen of Witches has admitted the fey are taking sides, between Neroc and his sister, Nyssa, for the battle of Althon. Our celestial protagonists seem to be outnumbered, and Nicnevin asks the party for their help. She made a telepathic link with Delanar, and said she would eventually hear any prayers to Nyssa.

The party met Marvin the Million-Faced Man back at the Golden Sunrise, and Liyah was not impressed. He was really a doppelgänger, who tied up Rolan in the basement and impersonated him to steal valuable items from the party. In the middle of the night, this fake Rolan was discovered, chased, and found out!

Evanil rushed to Nys after a message from Lash about all this hubbub going on, including the fact that NicNevin is his cousin—as the party discovered Evanil is the son of Kassar, God of War. After love and sex, the larger party discussed all this stuff and decided to watch Count Duval’s meeting with Marco, who had gone after Andra despite Duval ordering that sector of the Unseen Hand to leave the party alone. The party plus Evanil booked it over to this meeting spot, with Evanil hell-bent on revenge. He contacted several of his companions to join the party for this confrontation.

Just as they reached this spot, a bright light blinded the party as a star fell from the heavens and crashed to a mountaintop nearby. The telepathic link Between Delanar and Nicnevin revealed that her mother, Nyssa, had been thrown out of the celestial plane.

Between confronting and battling Marco and the traitors of the Unseen Hand, stopping mass slaughter in Nys, and rushing to the aid of Nyssa and Nicnevin, the party is short on time! What will they decide to do, and what will be the consequences os the events they ignore? 


  • EXP: 4000 exp base
  • GOLD: 750g each

Moments Erica Liked

  • Lash and Evanil confess their love!
  • Delanar pees his pants over Nicnevin
  • Jason RPs fake Rolan like a boss
Andra abducted, Caseal alive!

Session notes

The party awoke at the Golden Sunrise. At breakfast, they found a Clurichaun in one of the empty kegs, totally sloshed. He drunkenly told them how he had seen some funny stuff going on the previous night, and the party deduced that Andra had been abducted in the night by Blood Mages!


Rushing with Corah to rescue her, the party battled a clockwork beetle swarm, a clockwork abomination, and another of the furnace-having clockwork soldiers they had fought before. Delanar snuffed out his flame, so he did not explode upon defeat! To enter this creepy lair of the demon Lord Eulas, the party had to solve a riddle. They did not get it, but a divine voice helped them, and Delanar solved it; the answer was wine! Ah, the favored drink of the God almighty. The party also survived (barely) a maze with invisible walls and rising water.


At the end of this lair, the party found a ritual occurring, with Andra being sacrificed! On the cusp of death, Lash was able to snatch her off of the runes, where she recovered and healed the party. To Maren’s great surprise, there leading two Blood Mages was his long-thought dead mentor, Caseal!


A blood figure began to rise from the altar, but deformed after the ritual was stopped. Caseal, seeing his comrades fall, fled out a secret passage in the back of the dungeon. The party is in pursuit, wondering what possibly could be in store next!



  • EXP: 4500 exp base, 500 extra for Delanar’s double cleverness
  • GOLD: 0


Moments Erica Liked

  • Nobody can solve the riddle
  • Lash gets out of the water maze with like 5 seconds left
The City of the Trickster God

Session notes

Arriving at the Academy of Nys, Evanil explains that it’s a cover of a cover; it is a center for fitness and mental wellness, which is a cover for a rogue training center, which covers for the fact that Evanil’s side of the Unseen Hand is hiding out, recruiting, and training there. The party (save for Rolan, the underwear model who must stay pristine) got gold and blue tattoos to identify them as friends of the faction.  Rolan had it inscribed on his bracer, which he had modified by a gnome over 3 days. 

Andra, Corah, and Wren went to Nys to scout out what was going on there, taking Grendel with them in Corah’s pack. The party learned a new ruler, the Count Meridam Duval, was recently elected after a series of unfortunate and troubling events. A wine festival is approaching on the weekend, in honor of Nyssa, the city’s namesake. Delanar inspected Lash’s gloves she took from the Keepers, and remembers seeing them in a book with the word “soulcasting” somewhere and determined that they have divine magic.

Lash was reunited with her childhood friend, Yahka, who gave the party the following information: 

  • When Marco recruited her in Dravekh, he promised they would destroy a great evil and find many riches 

    • Several of Marco’s favorites, and Marco, began to use strange and dark magic that she hadn’t seen or heard of before
    • One night, she went to speak to Marco about the ethical complications of stealing from those in need, and killing innocents, and witnessed a terrible blood ritual, hearing a deep and terrifying voice in her mind. With Marco were Delma and Willem, his highest-ranking officers
    • The last thing she learned was that Count Duval, recently elected ruler of Nys, is funding Marco’s group
    • She stuck around to learn a bit more, and then fled when she feared Marco was growing suspicious

Corah sent reports of what was happening in the city as the party waited the 3 days for Rolan’s bracers to be modified. On the first day, Andra used her powers to heal a woman who has been hit by a carriage, attracting the uncomfortable attentions of Count Duval, Nys’s newly elected ruler. She was given a job healing at the Temple of Novv in Nys, where she noticed Duval watching her the next day. On the third day, Andra agreed to go to a party that opened for the wine festival at the castle, despite the party’s warnings.

Corah and Delanar dressed in finery, posing as nobles attending the party, while Lash and Evanil posed as their bodyguards. With no invitation at the gate, the 4 crashed the party when Corah revealed she has the power to manipulate minds. They entered, being announced as “The Duke and Duchess McClure!” They poked around the party, and decided to wait for Duval and Andra to come down from dinner, which Grendel and the rest of the party was watching.

Meanwhile, Maren, Rolan, Loyal, and Grendel failed super hard at sneaking, but managed to get eyes on Andra and Duval. They had a very interesting-looking conversation, and Duval demonstrated an ability to grow plants from nothing, like Corah did with the lines of trees while fleeing Marco’s Unseen Hand. During the party, once the Count and the “Lady Alyssandra” were announced, Delanar read Duval’s mind. Between Andra’s debrief and detecting thoughts, the party discovered:

  • Duval knows Corah is “another one” like him, but not who she is personally
  • Duval is seeking to expand his influence through whatever means necessary
  • Duval wants to grow his powers through various groups across Althon, including the Blood Guild and Marco’s Unseen Hand
  • He is a warlock, but other powers allow him to create plants from nothing
  • His eyes change to the same glowing teal that Corah’s do
  • He told Andra that Marco’s Unseen Hand will no longer hunt her
  • Andra claims she felt compelled to tell him information that otherwise she might have kept secret
  • Both Andra and Corah felt drawn to him in a strange way, like they had each other

After some tense conversations between the party and their friends, Delanar won Evanil’s trust, and Evanil confessed that he also has some kind of special abilities. His eyes seem to go purple when he uses them, or gets very upset. His “people” have been hunted for thousands of years’ and he seems to have more information that he is letting on about divine gifts. Marco had been his “brother” in the war, and one reason he left had to do with the hunting of his people. Marco has seen Evanil use his powers, which may have to do or may not with why Marco is hunting him now.

So far as she knows right now, Corah has the ability to create plant and animal life, heal minor wounds, influence people, and warp earth and plants. Andra knows that she is able to heal on a grand scale, and her eyes glow golden.

The party thinks that blood rituals with divines may be extra powerful, and resolves to look further into it. They also mused that Conrad is like these people, and is able to hide it with his mastery of tricks and illusions. They spent the night at the Golden Sunrise, awaiting the next day to delve further into the mysteries of Nys, and taste its delicious wines!



  • EXP: 2000 exp base, 500 extra for Delanar’s emotional speech about trust, 200 extra for Lash’s social grace, 100 extra for truly horrific sneaking for Maren and Rolan
  • GOLD: 0


Moments Erica Liked

  • Delanar convinces Evanil to trust the party
  • Maren and Rolan are the literal worst at sneaking
  • Lash helps Evanil act calm at the party
The Rogues, the Witch, and the Woods

Session notes

After running into a second hostile party at sea, the party had a naval battle against the Unseen Hand. They put up a good fight, as did their adversary, but both ships were run ashore, sough on the coast of Numeria. The party fought off these pirating rogues and their captain, running into the woods with Corah and Andra in tow. Corah’s eyes lit up teal and she was able to create tree barriers, further aiding the party’s flight. The party stumbled into a clearing that had not been visible from outside the magical baiter that protected it, and lost their pursuers. 

The witch whose home they had found turned out to be a young, handsome-looking human man, who invited them in for tea and chocolate and rest. They conversed over supper, and he warned them about increased activity and hostility in these woods and towards Nys. During supper, two familiar criminals burst, wounded, into the witch’s clearing. Evanil, carrying a very beat up Wren, nearly collapsed as they escaped their own chasers. Andra healed the cousins, and Lash got it out of Evan that he has taken back part of the Unseen Hand, who were still chasing them. 

The party plans to leave in the morning, and stop at the Academy of Nys, where Evan has set up headquarters of his part of the Unseen Hand. The party narrowly avoided a violent confrontation between their new friends, as Andra is hunting those with the Unseen Hand tattoo. Lash is a very graceful half-orc.



  • EXP: 1000 exp base
  • GOLD: 0


Moments Erica Liked

  • Maren eats all the things
  • Lash controls Evanil, who is not very socially graceful
  • Skeptical Rolan finally gets a meal




The Mother's Temple

Session notes

The party explored the Keepers’ lair, fighting their way through waves of Keeper scholars. Marana interrogated Delanar for information about the Mother that the party knew, and what they were up to. He kinda liked it. 

The party fought their way to a temple with a beautiful feminine statue. They met Governor Cellica, who stopped Marana from killing them all, and whisked them away into a planetarium-like vision explaining why they keep information safe. The party learned that long ago, people who worshipped the Mother gained otherworldly powers, and many were corrupted. Cellica seems to have slaughtered many of them to keep peace on Althon, and warned the party about getting into trouble. Other went dark, and have not been heard from since. The Keepers have groups across Althon, collecting and hoarding ancient religious texts. She also put some kind of brand on Rolan, and warned that she would be watching. Her temple dog did not like the party. 

Cellica revealed she is somehow related to Eira, the red-haired woman seen with Conrad. Eira and Cellica so not get along, but share a common enemy: the Blood Guild. Said organization has blocked her sight, and she cannot see their whereabouts or doings. 

Other info from Cellica:

  • Fey are taking sides, good vs. Bad
  • Bad fey are supporting the Blood God, the one no one talks about, aka the “Deathfeaster”
  • Pearlescent alters like purple orchids and opals

Rolan got a purple journal, and Delanar got a book who no one else can touch…

They were escorted out by guards and played a ditty, it was SO GOOD

Lash did not find any additional notes from Evanil past his one about meeting with her eleven days from their arrival in Roswald.

(6 days remaining until meeting in Roswald)

Delanar made Grendel! Grendel is mvp.

On their journey to Nys, where many leads have lead them, the party got on a boat to cross the sea of Dar. Also on the boat they discovered were the ranger Corah and the cleric Andra. En route, they were attacked by the Blood Guild! SOMEHOW, they managed to sink the enemy’s entire ship and thwart their evil plans, staying at sea. Jesus.

The journey continues on.


  • EXP: 2000 exp base, 600 extra for Delanar for resisting torture and making pretty colors and being sexual towards Marana, 200 extra for Rolan for his pretty flute walking song and boat stuff, 300 for Maren one hit killing an archer and distracting them, and making fire.
  • GOLD: 1000/200 each

Moments Erica Liked

  • Delanar begs Lady Cellica for spells
  • Delanar: “One day… I will sleep with that woman”
  • The party bombs the blood guild’s boat and stays at sea
  • JK I hated that last part >:(
The Keepers

Session notes

Lash went to Hollyhead Sonoma for kitchenware. Rolan had Delanar’s owl (Watson) scout the castle keep. Maren went to talk to a fish at Elkhorn Lake. The party discovered some kind of sewer at the back of the castle. Rolan and Lash tried to scale a foothill and were only half successful. The party met with Councillor Marana and asked about the city population and other things. She was elusive about ancient texts and the city’s history. 

The party went back to the hotel, where Lash received a letter. 

 The party used Lea’s bard lying to get into the room behind the bar at the tavern. They found two staircases and many traps, and picked the staircase on the left. Descending down five flights of stairs, the party triggered a ton of traps in a hallway, which opened into a bedroom. One of the party’s two invisible members disposed of him, but the party drew the attention of three others nearby who rushed in. 

They wore black robes, and had black feathers tattooed on their wrists. They fought with daggers and short swords, and at some point two of them had their eyes and weapon blades light up with swirling stars and space, before dealing deadly blows. Roman took a horrible beating, but was saved by the party’s healing. They are now alone with the restrained member, who they interrogated for information. They determined the group they are against is called the “Keepers,” and they keep some kind of information.

Elsewhere, Delanar researched the scrying stone. He had an encounter with the red-haired woman, and received some puzzling information. At some point he was struck over the head, and awoke facing a blonde female elf in a dungeon, hair in a long braid, with green eyes. 


  • EXP: 1500 exp base, 200 extra for Maren for compliments, 100 extra for Rolan for “a good fish is like a spyglass,” 100 for Lea’s drink, 200 for Lash’s letter and drunken performance 
  • GOLD: 0 each

Moments Erica Liked

  • Maren tells me I look fabulous
  • Lash saves then kills a fish
  • Lea turns on the bartender with an amazing drink
Into Hollyhead

Session notes

The party ran into Conrad and a red-haired woman at breakfast. Conrad may have been a bit drunk. Delanar helped Rolan with a magical stone found in a compartment underneath their wagon. Lash joined them and the party saw the mysterious man from Eldham’s bar. He told Delanar, “do not go there,” and seemed to disappear. The party went. They were shot at and effects happened. Bip appeared and warned Rolan that “sides have been taken.”

The next day, Lash while driving was affected by horrible laughter and confusion, causing the wagon to roll a half mile down a rocky hill. Somehow Rolan managed to get it under control. They eventually arrived in Hollyhead, after finding the hills around the small city insurmountable for some odd reason. The lied their way into the city, using Lea’s charisma to pass as cartographers and get a meeting with the Governor’s councillor the next evening. The Governor is named Cellica, and seems to care for her people while maintaining a touch of vanity.

The city had houses with the front painted with gold, and the most delicious food the party had ever had. It seemed very wealthy and well-to-do considering its isolation. The party sought answers about religion and the town from the townsfolk, and were widely unsuccessful save for one drunken man who let slip something about Hollyhead being special.

Rolan tried to walk into the castle while invisible, but was seen by two guardsmen just inside. At the tavern, the party witnessed the councillor chatting with a bartender, and going into the back of the bar. They tried to follow, but were barred from entry.


  • EXP: 50 exp base, 20 extra for Rolan for trying so hard to get the shooters of the mini arrows and saving the wagon
  • GOLD: 0 each

Moments Erica Liked

  • Lash goes nuts and tries to kill the party
  • Rolan gets tired after waling up a hill for a few minutes
  • The party munches a lot

Session notes

The party was distracted from their breakfast at the Dusty Rose by a raving man at the bar. Seated to his left were two more noble looking gentlemen. Adrian, dressed in drag, sat in the corner in a robe, as well as a wizard and a bard at their own table. The raving man spoke about “thieving groundhogs” from the East, who stole money, people, and books. Lash spoke with the wizard and bard about the raving man, and the two newcomers decided to join up with the party. After the wizard, Delanar not Delaran, bought the homeless-looking man a few drinks to loosen his tongue and his thoughts, the nicknamed “Uncle Benjen” became nauseated and ran for the chamber pot. The party noticed the noble men (who had told them said thieving groundhogs were in fact not to the East, but in a lair to the Northeast, stood to follow the raving man.

Upon following these two men, concerned for “Uncle Benjen’s” safety, the party witnessed drawn knives and spooked the two men into leaving. The raving man was found unconscious in his own vomit, so Jostina cleaned him up and Lash carried him to the mages guild, where Delanar has quarters and dropped him off with Delanar’s mentor. They had also run into Conrad at the bar, who had told them to take the bard, Lea, with them, as she was a talented performer and a good friend of his.

After dropping off “Uncle Benjen” (and after searching his pockets and finding a phallic drawing), the party met Adrian, no longer Adrianna, at the marketplace. He told them later he would give them some information at the tavern about these thieves who burrow that they had heard of out East. He sold Delanar a wooden box with a two faced worm in it that the wizard ate at the worm’s urging, and had procured but not sold a golden rod that seemed to be a piece of a divine weapon. Jostina asked around about her Ravn, confirming it has something to do with Rivine, the God of Knowledge, and is magical. 

Before their evening meeting with Adrian, the party went to the Countess’s private library to ask about some stolen books. Having been down a couple party members (as a note from Ashoon revealed he had left to go on a personal quest and Rolan was hungover as fuck from an uncharacteristic night of drunkenness), the party was happen to see Rolan sobered up and rejoin them on their way to see the Countess’s Library. “Uncle Bejnen” had told them while working for her he had stolen some tomes, which had later been stolen from him but two people in black robes. Seeing the connection, the party asked the librarian about the books, and through prying into his thoughts Delanar was able to discern the stolen books were accounts about the Mother interacting with humanity millennia ago—one of which he has part of a torn page from. They also accidentally made their raving friend wanted by the city guard by revealing he had stolen the book initially.

Seeing three of their leads, from Conrad, “Uncle Benjen,” and Delanar’s slip of paper were pointing them to the Waln Foothills, the party FUCKING FINALLY decides to go there. The God of Games was pleased.

The party found out their raving friend has a real name, and it is Benjamin.

Rolan stopped on the way back to meet Adrian at the Dusty Rose to send money to his temple, and also a note detailing the knowledge he has gained so far on the Mother. The party ran some shopping errands, then after an unsuccessful meeting with Adrian, half went to bed. The elves, needing less sleep, sought out Conrad, who also didn’t know much. He did however throw an egg at Roman’s head.

The party retired for the evening, determined to journey East on horses in the morning to seek out the secrets there. Lash’s egg hatched, revealing a pseudodragon that instantly fell for her beautiful, 7 foot 6 half orc barbarian self.


  • EXP: 50 exp base, 10 extra for Delanar for reading so many minds and eating weird shit, 10 for Lash for hatching a dragon.  (NOTE: Lea and Delanar, don’t actually give yourselves any exp because you are accidentally a level above everyone else)
  • GOLD: 0 each, minus the 2-3 gold for the performers

Moments Erica Liked

  • The party picks a funny name for the raving dude
  • The party decides to leave Roswald already
  • Delanar finds a dick pic
  • Lash gets a dragon
  • Delanar eats a talking worm with two faces, who does that
Shadows in the Dark

Session notes

Starting at the Dusty Rose Tavern, the party had breakfast and spoke more with Corah and Andra. From this they found out that her family was slaughtered and home set on fire, which she fled. The village may have been killed as well, but she is unsure. Lash was asleep from her raunchy evening until the roof collapsed on top of her, which she nimbly (like a half orc) dodged.

After paying their debt to Voque’s Roswald Temple and Ashoon serving them with a sick burn, the party found a Temple of Danae. There, they destroyed the rabbit’s foot and Lash was freed from her bad luck. Maren was freed from his good luck, in return. 

The party went shopping in the bad part of town. Rolan got pants with secret compartments in them, Jostina got thieves’ tools and traveler’s clothes. From a butcher’s shop, Rolan sprinted some meat to the farm, and the party chatted up the Kot Bayun. She agreed to stop eating the livestock if the party got the shadow creatures out of her forest, so she would have food to eat again, as they devoured most of it.

The party brought more meat to the forest, when Maren convinced the “shadows in the dark” (who were actually swamps of microscopic creatures that lived in forests) to go to the Great Forest.

For dealing with both the Shadows and the Kot Bayun, the party received a reward for 1200 gold.

At the tavern, they had drinks and dinner, and learned Andra is out for vengeance. The ones who attached her village had tattoos of a closed fist with a closed eye above it—which Lash has seen before, on Evanil.


  • EXP: 1000 exp base, 150 extra for Maren, 100 for Rolan and the meat, 50 for Jostina RPing, 50 for Ashoon. Desecrating Voque’s temple, 50 for Lash for surviving the rabbit’s foot
  • GOLD: 240 each, 1200 total


Moments Erica Liked

  • Lash’s bad luck breaks a roof
  • Ashoon mocks Voque temple 
  • Maren orchestrates shadow creatures’ relocation
  • Jostina tries flirting
Dungeons and Dragons and Roast Elf, Oh My (Ellaerys's Trove part 2)

Session notes

The party continued to dungeon along in Ellaerys’s Trove, only to find a gold dragon at the end disguised as the dungeon’s namesake. After some tomfoolery with sneaking down a set of hidden stairs leading to a TON of gold,  Jostina failed to continue making a series of increasingly hard performance checks and was roasted. The party calmed the dragon down by offering Lash’s Pseudodragon egg, which Evanil stole back on their way out. Rolan hug crushed Wren and took her gold. They got the gold back. Carrying Jostina’s BBQ’d corpse, the party made their way through an underwater tunnel to shore and back to Roswald. There, there proceeded to do work and sell things to earn the money to p[ay for Jostina’s 1000g resurrection bill. 

Included in this work was performing for snobs, fighting in the tavern ring, and promising to kill (as Maren discovered) a Kot Bayun in the greenwood. It seems there is also some other menace about, referenced by both Bip and Maren’s horse buddy at the farm. Watch out for “shadows in the dark.”

At the fighting pits:

  • Rolan vs. Wren: Wren wins
  • Lash vs Corah: Corah wins
  • Rolan vs. Dwarf: Rolan wins


EXP: 100 exp, 150 extra each for Rolan, 100 for Ashoon, 75 for Lash

GOLD: 940 total

Moments Erica Liked

  • Lash has a wild sex night
  • Jostina dies while distracting
  • Lash is cursed
  • Ashoon muffles himself for no reason

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