Jostina Nailo

Elvin Sorceress

  • Race: High-Elf
  • Class: Sorcerer
  • Sex: Female
  • Height: 5’6"
  • Build: Very slight
  • Age: 102 years
  • Traits: Medium-length, curly violet hair. Tanned skin, sky-blue eyes, freckles, angular face.
  • Personality:

Jostina is newly an adult, in the eyes of her elven family, having only recently come of age and chosen her name. She comes from the small mountain town of Nelluma, no more than 3,000 live there, that has shut out the rest of the world for the last 75 years in reaction to pressure from nearby cities to join their war efforts. She barely remembers the time when students, especially her father’s descendants, would come to study with him, to learn to control the wild magic they wielded.

During that time, she learned to hone her own magic from her father, Vax’ildan, as well as to fight and hunt from her sister, Lorastra. Lora also taught Jo how to get into, and out of, trouble.

About a year ago, one week before Jostina’s naming ceremony, Lorastra disappeared in the middle of the night. She had never been happy to be trapped in the city, and many thought, including Jo, that she had finally snuck away to the freedom she craved. But it cast a dark shadow over an otherwise happy celebration. It also spurred her father to give up his campaign to convince her mother, Keylith, their leader, to reopen the city and to make plans to leave the city as well, first to find his missing child, and then to seek out what remained of his half-Elvin children and train them. His asked Jostina to come with him.

Before he could set out, a plague struck the city. Vax’ildan was the first to get sick, and the first to die. Many followed. In the end, 310 where killed before a cure was found, brought to to Nelluma by a neighboring city. Before her father died, he asked Jostina to do what he now couldn’t, find her sister and seek out others who had inherited Vax’ildan’s magic or who simply needed some guidance. When Jostina told her mother of her plans, rather than the resistance Jo had expected, she gave her blessing and a ring, so that Jostina might someday find her way home.

So now, for the first time in her life, Jostina is alone.

Jostina Nailo

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