Into Hollyhead

Session notes

The party ran into Conrad and a red-haired woman at breakfast. Conrad may have been a bit drunk. Delanar helped Rolan with a magical stone found in a compartment underneath their wagon. Lash joined them and the party saw the mysterious man from Eldham’s bar. He told Delanar, “do not go there,” and seemed to disappear. The party went. They were shot at and effects happened. Bip appeared and warned Rolan that “sides have been taken.”

The next day, Lash while driving was affected by horrible laughter and confusion, causing the wagon to roll a half mile down a rocky hill. Somehow Rolan managed to get it under control. They eventually arrived in Hollyhead, after finding the hills around the small city insurmountable for some odd reason. The lied their way into the city, using Lea’s charisma to pass as cartographers and get a meeting with the Governor’s councillor the next evening. The Governor is named Cellica, and seems to care for her people while maintaining a touch of vanity.

The city had houses with the front painted with gold, and the most delicious food the party had ever had. It seemed very wealthy and well-to-do considering its isolation. The party sought answers about religion and the town from the townsfolk, and were widely unsuccessful save for one drunken man who let slip something about Hollyhead being special.

Rolan tried to walk into the castle while invisible, but was seen by two guardsmen just inside. At the tavern, the party witnessed the councillor chatting with a bartender, and going into the back of the bar. They tried to follow, but were barred from entry.


  • EXP: 50 exp base, 20 extra for Rolan for trying so hard to get the shooters of the mini arrows and saving the wagon
  • GOLD: 0 each

Moments Erica Liked

  • Lash goes nuts and tries to kill the party
  • Rolan gets tired after waling up a hill for a few minutes
  • The party munches a lot

Session notes

The party was distracted from their breakfast at the Dusty Rose by a raving man at the bar. Seated to his left were two more noble looking gentlemen. Adrian, dressed in drag, sat in the corner in a robe, as well as a wizard and a bard at their own table. The raving man spoke about “thieving groundhogs” from the East, who stole money, people, and books. Lash spoke with the wizard and bard about the raving man, and the two newcomers decided to join up with the party. After the wizard, Delanar not Delaran, bought the homeless-looking man a few drinks to loosen his tongue and his thoughts, the nicknamed “Uncle Benjen” became nauseated and ran for the chamber pot. The party noticed the noble men (who had told them said thieving groundhogs were in fact not to the East, but in a lair to the Northeast, stood to follow the raving man.

Upon following these two men, concerned for “Uncle Benjen’s” safety, the party witnessed drawn knives and spooked the two men into leaving. The raving man was found unconscious in his own vomit, so Jostina cleaned him up and Lash carried him to the mages guild, where Delanar has quarters and dropped him off with Delanar’s mentor. They had also run into Conrad at the bar, who had told them to take the bard, Lea, with them, as she was a talented performer and a good friend of his.

After dropping off “Uncle Benjen” (and after searching his pockets and finding a phallic drawing), the party met Adrian, no longer Adrianna, at the marketplace. He told them later he would give them some information at the tavern about these thieves who burrow that they had heard of out East. He sold Delanar a wooden box with a two faced worm in it that the wizard ate at the worm’s urging, and had procured but not sold a golden rod that seemed to be a piece of a divine weapon. Jostina asked around about her Ravn, confirming it has something to do with Rivine, the God of Knowledge, and is magical. 

Before their evening meeting with Adrian, the party went to the Countess’s private library to ask about some stolen books. Having been down a couple party members (as a note from Ashoon revealed he had left to go on a personal quest and Rolan was hungover as fuck from an uncharacteristic night of drunkenness), the party was happen to see Rolan sobered up and rejoin them on their way to see the Countess’s Library. “Uncle Bejnen” had told them while working for her he had stolen some tomes, which had later been stolen from him but two people in black robes. Seeing the connection, the party asked the librarian about the books, and through prying into his thoughts Delanar was able to discern the stolen books were accounts about the Mother interacting with humanity millennia ago—one of which he has part of a torn page from. They also accidentally made their raving friend wanted by the city guard by revealing he had stolen the book initially.

Seeing three of their leads, from Conrad, “Uncle Benjen,” and Delanar’s slip of paper were pointing them to the Waln Foothills, the party FUCKING FINALLY decides to go there. The God of Games was pleased.

The party found out their raving friend has a real name, and it is Benjamin.

Rolan stopped on the way back to meet Adrian at the Dusty Rose to send money to his temple, and also a note detailing the knowledge he has gained so far on the Mother. The party ran some shopping errands, then after an unsuccessful meeting with Adrian, half went to bed. The elves, needing less sleep, sought out Conrad, who also didn’t know much. He did however throw an egg at Roman’s head.

The party retired for the evening, determined to journey East on horses in the morning to seek out the secrets there. Lash’s egg hatched, revealing a pseudodragon that instantly fell for her beautiful, 7 foot 6 half orc barbarian self.


  • EXP: 50 exp base, 10 extra for Delanar for reading so many minds and eating weird shit, 10 for Lash for hatching a dragon.  (NOTE: Lea and Delanar, don’t actually give yourselves any exp because you are accidentally a level above everyone else)
  • GOLD: 0 each, minus the 2-3 gold for the performers

Moments Erica Liked

  • The party picks a funny name for the raving dude
  • The party decides to leave Roswald already
  • Delanar finds a dick pic
  • Lash gets a dragon
  • Delanar eats a talking worm with two faces, who does that
Shadows in the Dark

Session notes

Starting at the Dusty Rose Tavern, the party had breakfast and spoke more with Corah and Andra. From this they found out that her family was slaughtered and home set on fire, which she fled. The village may have been killed as well, but she is unsure. Lash was asleep from her raunchy evening until the roof collapsed on top of her, which she nimbly (like a half orc) dodged.

After paying their debt to Voque’s Roswald Temple and Ashoon serving them with a sick burn, the party found a Temple of Danae. There, they destroyed the rabbit’s foot and Lash was freed from her bad luck. Maren was freed from his good luck, in return. 

The party went shopping in the bad part of town. Rolan got pants with secret compartments in them, Jostina got thieves’ tools and traveler’s clothes. From a butcher’s shop, Rolan sprinted some meat to the farm, and the party chatted up the Kot Bayun. She agreed to stop eating the livestock if the party got the shadow creatures out of her forest, so she would have food to eat again, as they devoured most of it.

The party brought more meat to the forest, when Maren convinced the “shadows in the dark” (who were actually swamps of microscopic creatures that lived in forests) to go to the Great Forest.

For dealing with both the Shadows and the Kot Bayun, the party received a reward for 1200 gold.

At the tavern, they had drinks and dinner, and learned Andra is out for vengeance. The ones who attached her village had tattoos of a closed fist with a closed eye above it—which Lash has seen before, on Evanil.


  • EXP: 1000 exp base, 150 extra for Maren, 100 for Rolan and the meat, 50 for Jostina RPing, 50 for Ashoon. Desecrating Voque’s temple, 50 for Lash for surviving the rabbit’s foot
  • GOLD: 240 each, 1200 total


Moments Erica Liked

  • Lash’s bad luck breaks a roof
  • Ashoon mocks Voque temple 
  • Maren orchestrates shadow creatures’ relocation
  • Jostina tries flirting
Dungeons and Dragons and Roast Elf, Oh My (Ellaerys's Trove part 2)

Session notes

The party continued to dungeon along in Ellaerys’s Trove, only to find a gold dragon at the end disguised as the dungeon’s namesake. After some tomfoolery with sneaking down a set of hidden stairs leading to a TON of gold,  Jostina failed to continue making a series of increasingly hard performance checks and was roasted. The party calmed the dragon down by offering Lash’s Pseudodragon egg, which Evanil stole back on their way out. Rolan hug crushed Wren and took her gold. They got the gold back. Carrying Jostina’s BBQ’d corpse, the party made their way through an underwater tunnel to shore and back to Roswald. There, there proceeded to do work and sell things to earn the money to p[ay for Jostina’s 1000g resurrection bill. 

Included in this work was performing for snobs, fighting in the tavern ring, and promising to kill (as Maren discovered) a Kot Bayun in the greenwood. It seems there is also some other menace about, referenced by both Bip and Maren’s horse buddy at the farm. Watch out for “shadows in the dark.”

At the fighting pits:

  • Rolan vs. Wren: Wren wins
  • Lash vs Corah: Corah wins
  • Rolan vs. Dwarf: Rolan wins


EXP: 100 exp, 150 extra each for Rolan, 100 for Ashoon, 75 for Lash

GOLD: 940 total

Moments Erica Liked

  • Lash has a wild sex night
  • Jostina dies while distracting
  • Lash is cursed
  • Ashoon muffles himself for no reason
Ellaerys's Trove part 1

The party dungeon’d through Ellaerys’s Trove, fighting baddies left and right! Jostina braved many traps, some more painful than others. No one (HILARIOUSLY ENOUGH) succumbed to any of the monsters because they all rolled shit. Jostina took 2 of Ellaerys’s journals detailing hot spots around Numeria (aka “points off interest”). At one point the party found a room with a rope hanging from the ceiling, 40 feet up. Halfway to the ceiling was a floating pedestal next to the rope. The party successfully completed a series of strength checks to make it up the rope and claim the rabbit’s foot atop the pedestal. Lash examined it, then gave it to Maren after a test. It seems to make you extra good at what you’re doing. Cheers!


EXP: 600 exp, 50 extra each for lash and maren, 10 for jostina

GOLD: 150


Moments Erica Liked

  • Maren shoots Jostina in the back
  • Ashoon tries to punt the blue creature’s head
  • Jostina dies on all of the traps
  • Ashoon muffles himself for no reason
Saving the Eaves family

Session notes

The party started out leaving the Greywood from Bip’s in the morning. They noticed a large, black cat, with humanlike eyes stalking them through the treetops. While in the forest, they ran into an injured fighter (Evan “Furyedge” Valain) and a stern monk, his cousin (Reneea Valain). Ashoon healed Evanil, who had a serious, infected stab wound in his stomach. Out of gratitude, they stopped in their quest for treasure to accompany the party + Conrad to an abandoned manor to save the Eaves family.

After Rolan set some fires to distract, the party snuck into a window of the Manor’s west side using rope. They found several members of what seems to be a dark cult, the people wearing red robes, and fought their way to the basement. In the basement, Ashoon fell over a few times, some saved by Lash’s surprisingly amazing stealth and acrobatics, but eventually attracted more blood mages. The party fought 5 wearing robes they had seen before, then 1 extra with black and red robes. During their time in the Manor, several notes and books were taken detailing rituals and experiments.

After setting free an imprisoned maid, blacksmith, and soldier, the party continued towards a ritual room. There they found a creature with a black halo, black feathered wings, and chains across its chest. It was a long battle in which the creature consistently failed to hit them, but before it could be defeated, was destroyed by an unknown force that spoke inside its head. Clues indicate the creature—formerly a blood mage—had killed the wrong people and upset someone more powerful than him. It’s body unraveled into nothing.

The Eaves family was saved, and the Manor began to collapse almost immediately after a warning from Conrad. The party fought 2 more blood mages on the way out and escaped just in time. Ashoon learned he is not very good at sticking his landings. The party of now 11 went west, rested a bit, fought two clockwork creatures at 3am, rested some more, and then sent the freed prisoners home with Conrad. Conrad named the marked points on Maren’s map before leaving: a treasure trove and an ancient lair. He also mentioned something interesting in the Waln foothills. 

The party headed west to Ellaerys’s trove, meeting Adrian along the way. Jostina bought a silver raven figurine, and Ashoon got health potions, a bloodied invitation, and a music box that made him feel nostalgic. A grumpy Adrian had been about to plunder the dungeon, but decided to go East instead to “Rangoon’s Lair” as the party would ruin his stealth, and he is “not a fighter.”

The party entered the cave, and came to a door with a glass mosaic on it. The figure on the door, a woman in a long dress, came alive and spoke with the party. Lash figure out the party needed to make the figure say the password, and they were able to enter.

The first room they went into contained a scythe trap and a water weird. The trap was disarmed and the weird defeated. The party plans to continue exploring next session.



EXP: 1000, 150 extra each for Rolan and Lash, 50 extra for Lash—because Lash



Moments Erica Liked

  • Lash rolls 3 nat 20’s
  • Lash saves Ashoon from falling
  • Lash solves the door puzzle, because she is a brainy half-orc
  • Lash is extra stealthy and also 7 feet tall
  • Lash
  • Rolan knows the bad stuff is in the basement because “that’s where bad stuff always happens”
Difficult librarians and fey; the journey to the ritual site

Session notes

The party started on the ferry from Eldham to Roswald. On the ferry, they were suspicious of the captain, while Ashoon spent most of his time enacting a theatrical scene on the bow of the ship. Lash and Jostina spoke to Adrian, a human male with black hair and tan skin, about the curious things he collected and sold. Lash bought a mysterious egg from him, which eventually grew in size and changed color. 

When docking in Roswald, the party noticed the racial diversity in this port city. Rolan talked to two members of the thieves guild he spotted, a tall, strong redheaded man with fair skin and a lithe woman with black hair and brown eyes. They let him know they had seen the odd couple of people who the party spotted in the corner of the Thirsty Turtle tavern in Eldham, but couldn’t say where to find them or how they acquired their knowledge.

The party went to the Dusty Rose for a few drinks, and asked the bartender for some information. He had not remembered seeing Jostina’s sister. The party shopped at the city’s market, then went to the library. An Elven librarian with light purple hair and blue eyes greeted them, took their names, and led them to the books they sought. Meran learned about the presence of fey at the Greywood, and night time disappearances at the lake to the south, Lake Lakano.

Rolan and Lash read ancient religious texts, and found the following information:

“The Mother, overdeity and creator of the Twelve, first birthed Novv and gave him her powers of cosmic creation. Together they started the world of Althon, and then she went on to make other worlds. Her Twelve children stayed to watch over and develop Althon and life on it.

When the world was young, the Twelve lived both among mankind on Althon and on the celestial plane. This helped them to become more in touch with humanity, have personality, and care for the peoples Novv created under his Mother’s guidance. They moved freely between realms and had relationships with mortals.”

While in this room, Rolan and Lash were locked in by the Elven librarian. Lash contemplated punching the Library Automaton, but thought better of it, sensible half-orc that she is. After about an hour, the party went in search of Lash and Roman, and Jostina broke them out of the locked room with her thieves’ tools. They went in search of the Elven librarian, but could not find him. The staff member they spoke to revealed that a man named Altair was supposed to be logging the gusts that day, and did not recognize the description of the Elf that had locked them into the back room.

The party searched the pastry shop next door, where Altair went to rest every day he worked. He wasn’t there, but the party knew by the navy crest on the beige robes of an anchor above waves that there were other librarians there. They inquired after Altair’s home address, then headed straight there. Apon arrival, Jostina tried to pick the lock to the house, while Rolan peeked in a window upstairs. The city guard caught them, as it was about 11 in the morning. After explaining, the party watched the city guard break through the door and into the house. Altair’s body, only 1 or so days old, was found upstairs in a closet. He had been stabbed in the chest several times, but was not drained of blood. The scene of the crime had been cleaned up considerably, though Rolan had noticed some blood on the downstairs carpet. The city guard kicked the party out to launch an investigation.

Having lost some time, the party retrieved Conrad from the bar (Adrian had left) and headed Northeast towards where the map indicated the mages in red robes were headed. They came upon a rope and wooden plank bridge, where they fought two Clockwork Watchmen. The second watchman nearly cut the bridge, sending the party to a watery doom below, but was defeated in time. Afterwards, Jostina repaired the cut rope.

The party crossed the bridge and entered the Greenwood, where they immediately ran into a Das named Bip. They said in Bip’s lair for a supper feast and story telling. Bit really enjoyed Lash’s company, but told Rolan he was very rude. The party spent there night there, following etiquette so they would not be eaten/murdered, and set out the next morning to get through the rest of the forest and to the ritual site.

Bip warned them of a “big, angry kitty” that was watching them in the Greywood, since Lash had been so complimentary. She said there were “shadows in the dark,” and to “watch for the eyes.”


EXP: 300, 10 extra each for Meran and Lash


Moments Erica Liked

  • Meran falls on top of the Clockwork Watchman, twice
  • Lash spends half the battle in a net
  • Lash hits herself in the face with her great axe 
  • Rolan can’t impress obnoxious fey, but the half-orc barbarian can
The adventure begins! Slaughter in Eldham.

Session notes

Started in Eldham. Rolan played music in tavern with Conrad the Magnificent. Party noticed smirking redhead girl and ash blonde emo guy in corner. Conrad warned party about B&B near bedtime. Dying man stumbled in, said slaughter at B&B. Jostina stabilized him.

Party went to B&B, found slaughtered blood-drained bodies. Also found 2x magical not-glass vial of blood. They are wrapped in fabric to prevent losing will.

Went to temple of Falille, fought and defeated two mages in red. Jostina got an amulet for insight for helping repair damaged statue.

Went back to tavern, planned with Radorin Eaves to go save his kidnapped family. Ashoon healed him to full health. Lash convinced him to stay, he offers free meals and lodging in exchange. Rolan got into it with Conrad and realized he was a scion of the Trickster God, Nyssa. Plan to take ferry to save the Eaves family. 


  • EXP: 50, 10 extra each for Jostina, Rolan
  • GOLD: 20

Moments Erica Liked

  • Tommy rolls a 1, hits himself in the face when drawing his bow
  • Jason knows the word “God” but not “Goddess,” Tommy reminds him
  • Erica calls it “the bed and the breakfast”

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