The story so far…

The party met at the Thirsty Turtle Tavern in Eldham, Numeria. They banded together to protect the town from an attack by mages wearing red robes and using strange, dark magic. After setting out to save kidnapped citizens and succeeding, they went on to adventure in Northeast Numeria. During their adventures, they met several interesting characters. Notably, Conrad the Magnificent (a scion of Nyssa and a flirtatious bard), Evanil "Furyedge" Valain (a former soldier and recently former thief), and Reneea "Wren" Valain (Numeria's Prince's betrothed and also a former thief). After adventuring through Ellaerys's Trove, they met Andra and Corah, a traveling cleric and ranger.

Lash struck up a romance with Evanil, the party met two new members, and returned to Roswald. They freed the Greywood from the a hungry shadow, allowing a Kot Bayun to stop preying on livestock for food. They also learned about the "Unseen Hand," a group of thieves previously run by Evanil—who seem to have murdered Andra's family. 

A trip to Hollyhead revealed a lot of information about the Mother, and an organization called the Keepers who collect and hoard ancient religious texts. The party went on towards Nys, hearing from both Eira and Cellica that the Blood Guild was causing a stir there.



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