The story so far…


The party met at the Thirsty Turtle Tavern in Eldham, Numeria. They banded together to protect the town from an attack by mages wearing red robes and using strange, dark magic. After setting out to save kidnapped citizens and succeeding, they went on to adventure in Northeast Numeria. During their adventures, they met several interesting characters. Notably, Conrad the Magnificent (a scion of Nyssa and a flirtatious bard), Evanil "Furyedge" Valain (a former soldier and recently former thief), and Reneea "Wren" Valain (Numeria's Prince's betrothed and also a former thief).


Coming soon…


  • What will the party find in Ellaerys's Trove?
  • Will they even make it out alive?


Unanswered questions…


  • What will Adrian find in Rangoon's Lair?
  • What is inside Lash's egg?
  • Who are these blood mages, and what are they doing?
  • What is in the Waln Foothills?
  • Why did Evanil desert?
  • Why did Reneea run away from becoming royalty?
  • Why does Conrad care about any of this?


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